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Video Consultation

If you do not live close to my office, you are abroad or don't have time to visit me, I'm now offering video consultation by Skype, Whatsapp, Facetime or Messenger.

From EUR 35

Individual First Consultation

Initial Nutrition Assessment and Diet Counseling at my office.

EUR 35

Individual- Each Following Consultation

Counseling, Follow up and Adjustments.

EUR 25

Individual Package 3 Consultations

Assessment, Counseling, Planning and Follow up.

EUR 70

Couple- Package 3 Consultations

It's more fun when you share the same goal.

EUR 100

6 month unlimited individual visits

For 6 months you can come every weeks (so until 24 times for less than 15 euros per appointment!)

EUR 350

1 year unlimited individual visits

for one year you can come every week ( so until 52 times for less 9 euros per appointment !)

EUR 450

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