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There is something I forgot to tell you…

I’m so happy to finally share this with you! At an early age, I made two decisions that changed my life forever. One was to become a registered dietician and the other was to move to Cyprus. Since then, I have been spending every day of my life helping and coaching people with their weight issues, teaching them nutrition basics and making them emotionally stronger. My 20+ years of experience have shown great success stories, a few failures (let’s be honest), but mostly success. Still, I feel like there is one missing part in my successful career.

Helping my clients is great. And you guys taught me so much over the years! But what if I could share my knowledge and experience on a broader level and help more people reaching their weight goals? You’re right, I am writing my first two books and I will be launching them very soon. Not one but 2 books! This is not an easy exercice, but it’s a love project. I am beyond than excited about this new journey! Each client who reaches his goal is a massive satisfaction for me as well. If you know me as a client or a friend, you can tell that I never ban yummy food. Elimination is just not my cup of tea. And it should neither be yours. To get a good success rate I use a very simple strategy based on 3 key principles of nutritional health: balance, variety and moderation. Let me explain. If you eat too much or too little of something, you are likely to have an excess or a deficiency in some nutrients. That’s why a balanced diet, filled with variety and eaten in moderation, is key to nutritional health. While it sounds simple I have noticed that most people struggle to apply these principles when they are misguided. This is why motivation and psychology are important. Yes, a dietician must also be a good psychologist :-) At least a client per day asks me whether I have healthy recipes to share, some new dishes out of the ordinary.

Some other people find cooking intimidating or even time consuming. Cooking your own meal is a big step towards weight loss and my first book will address exactly this. But how great would a recipe book be without the perfect companion? Not so great, right?

Considering that 50% of cancers are linked to poor eating habits or that only 5% of people lose weight by being on a diet, then a guide towards healthy eating habits sounds an absolute must. What if I tell you that there is a way to eat healthier and lose weight naturally by following a few simple rules, without effort, frustration or elimination. Well…my second book will give you the solution and I cannot wait to share it with you.

I am so glad I finally told you my little secret. I will work my best to make these books useful for you. In the meantime, I will keep you posted on my writing, editing and publishing adventures as it goes. So stay tuned! Merci! My name is Jean-Philippe Ricau, I am a French Registered Dietitian and nutrition coach. With my 20+ years experience, I have already helped over 20,000 people to lose weight the safest way.

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